bulletIN CELEBRATION 2014bullet

Admiral Parker of 12 Crooms Hill
Naval Hero, Cartographer & Associate of James Cook

7.30pm Monday 07 April 2014

Tickets: £10.00

This illustrated talk, which will be delivered jointly by Daphne and Andrew Joynes, will concentrate on the life and times of an eighteenth century owner of 12 Crooms Hill, Greenwich (which now houses The Fan Museum).

In his day, Admiral Sir William Parker was one of the best known of the 'pre-Nelson' generation of British naval officers, and was famous for the part he played in the battles of The Glorious First of June in 1794 and Cape St Vincent in 1797. Most significantly, as a young midshipman in the 1760s he was assistant surveyor to the celebrated mariner James Cook during their joint survey of the coasts of Newfoundland, which at that time played a key role in Britain's Atlantic naval strategy.

In the approach to the 250th anniversary of James Cook's Endeavour voyage to the South Seas in 1768, there is growing interest in Cook's pre-pacific years and associates, and this talk should be of great interest to local Greenwich historians and to students of maritime and naval history.


Daphne Joynes is a writer and art historian and a former lecturer in the History of Art at Surrey University. Her husband Andrew was Head of Current Affairs at BBC World Service until his retirement and is now a freelance journalist and broadcaster.


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